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I’m inspired by the space and distances and transparencies of color and atmosphere found in the landscape.  I’m particularly drawn to the architecture of the sky--its ever-changing cloud patterns, its extraordinary expanse, and its relationship to large bodies of water and to the wide horizons of the western U.S.  I appreciate the immediacy of direct observation and enjoy painting on location.  At other times, I work from memory.  Landscapes are part geography, part human imagination, and letting a visual idea filter through memory and imagination can sometimes allow me to come closer to the essence I want to render.

I received early training and inspiration from the Marchutz School of Art in Aix-en-Provence, France, but am largely self-taught.  I’ve exhibited in many local and regional shows, including the 2019 Midwest Seasons show at Wausau’s Center for the Visual Arts, Water: The Essence of Life at Milwaukee's Alfons Gallery, and Great Expectations on a Small Scale at the Wisconsin Academy’s Steenbock Gallery.  In 2017, my work was selected for the Watercolor Wisconsin show at the Racine Art Museum, and my work was included in the Museum’s 2016 show Honoring Fifty Years of Watercolor Wisconsin.

My work is held in private collections as well as the permanent collections of the University of Wisconsin-Hospital and the Racine Art Museum.  I’m a member of the Wisconsin Watercolor Society and the Wisconsin Visual Artists organization, and I'm currently represented by the Garver Gallery and the Integrated Art Group.

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